Friday, February 1, 2013

Klang Takes Away My Exhaustion

Selangor welcomes me with a heavy rain when I am heading to Klang from LCCT KLIA Sepang. The rain seems to give a message that Selangor does not want to let its guest to feel hot and the rain has successfully made my exhausted body a bit relax. I have been traveling a long journey from Jambi to Pekanbaru in Sumatra Island by car before sitting down in this bus. It took me 10 hours stuck in the car to get to Pekanbaru city. Once I got to the city, I felt so hungry and sleepy. But, I cannot sleep because I had to go to the airport in pekanbaru to continue my journey . While waiting for a friend to pick me up, I decided to put some rice into my mouth for tackling my hunger.

The rain pours in my bus till it gets wet. The cold air caused by the rain makes my eyes hard to remain opened, but I do not want to give up so early. I still want to enjoy the beautiful view of Selangor through the bus' window.

Now the day is getting darker and darker. The sun has set to its place and replaced by the moon. My eyes finally sets to its sleep mode automatically.

I wake up and look outside. I have no idea of how long I have fallen asleep. But the situation around me is different now. The rain has stopped and the darkness has turned to the lightness. From my seat I heard someone speaking, the voice seems to come from the front seats of the bus. I look to the front I find the sound source. It is my tour guide announcing that I and other passengers in the bus have reached Klang Premiere Hotel in Klang City. The Klang Premiere Hotel gives me a big expectation that I will have a wonderful night from its modern-looking appearance. I also hope that I will have delicious food before going to bed. The hotel stands so sturdily in the heart city of Klang. It looks like a perfect place to rest after a long journey.


Soon after I get into the hotel I obtain all I have expected. I have a very nice room and tasty food. What a good place!

Klang does not only spoil me with its superb Premiere Hotel, but also through a strategic restaurant, Medan Muara Ikan Bakar, a place where all the yummy food come from.

I have a very nice sleep in the lovely Premiere Hotel room after having the best food in Klang.