Sunday, January 20, 2013

Parents Should Supervise Children on Internet

How many of us know that internet’s users are growing rapidly? Today the internet is used by almost 2 million people in the world. “More than 80% of American youth, ages 12 to 17, use the Internet, and nearly half log on daily” (Nathalie Louge, 1). More parents should supervise their children on using internet.
First, while the internet can be a good medium of learning for children, they can involve in gambling world. Children have a natural curiosity in their lives which lead them to passionately explore the world. The internet seems to be a perfect medium for them to get knowledge because it is easy and fun. They can get much information by only using cell phone or nice computer instead of going to library. In addition to using internet, many people believe that the internet can be a precise medium to transfer knowledge to little boys and girls. “This virtual world of learning is an interactive medium which helps in teaching through pictures, words as well as aural medium” ( Since there are many popup windows that sometimes come to a website, therefore children can click on. It is because of the popup can be an offer of playing game. “With the growing use of the internet by children, there is an increase in online games” (Ruhi Khalid, 1). As a result, those innocent children can involve in gambling world by playing games.
Second, while the internet can increase social quotient of children, it wastes much of their time. By using internet, children can communicate with their friends and people around the world. It is because of internet provide many social networking websites which allow children to do conversation or to send email. “Some evidence suggests that Internet communication may be especially advantageous for shy, socially anxious, or marginalized youth, enabling them to practice social skills without the risks associated with face-to-face interactions” (Nathalie Louge, 1). However, children can get lost in by surfing in a long time on the internet. They will be easier to forget the real world and ignore anything around. “Referring to the HomeNetstudy, it was found that teenagers are much heavier Internet users than their parents” (
Third, while internet allows children to do homeschooling, many predators online are looking for them. “In the United States, home schooling is growing. Today, we see this rate moving rapidly, with between 1.3 and 1.7 million children in grades kindergarten to 12 being educated at home by a parent” ( Homeschooling is a good choice for children who live in isolated area. Instead of taking plenty of time to get the school, they can stay at home and get lesson.  However, shows children’s identity to all people who communicate with them on internet. Predators can take advantage of this opportunity by pretending to be a good friend for them. “Traditionally, both intrafamilial offenders and strangers have found that young children and teenagers are perfect targets for criminal acts because they are often trusting, naive, curious, adventuresome, and eager for attention and affection” (
Last, while parents busy with their activities, children can be trapped in adult websites. In this modern era, both father and mother work in weekday. “In 2010, 82 percent of employed persons worked on an average weekday, compared with 35 percent on an average weekend day, the U.S.” ( It means, most parents have a very little time to spend with their children. They do not know much what they children do and find during the day. “Adults living in households with children under 6 spent an average of 2.0 hours per day providing primary childcare to household children. Adults living in households where the youngest child was between the ages of 6 and 17 spent less than half as much time providing primary childcare to household children--47 minutes per day” ( As a consequence, children have more time to spend in front of computer without being supervised by parents. It is very dangerous because they can access adult website freely. “In today’s day and age it is harder to keep a check on the websites, a child is visiting and therefore, a lot of children are now being exposed to obscene, sexual material online such as pornography” (Ruhi Khalid, 1). As a result, it may lead them to try free sex, either in present time or in the future. This is an alarm for parents if they do not want  their boys and girls have sexually transmitted disease.
In conclusion, more parents should supervise their children’s activities on internet. If they do, they will see their beloved children achieve their greatest hopes and dreams in the future.


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