Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Me and my Dream Places

I am Beni . I like traveling. For me, traveling is an essential activity. It can recharge my energy when i am down, give me lessons to respect the difference, suggest me to be a grateful person, and it bring me things to remember. Talking about traveling, there are some places that i have been to that i always keep in my mind. First, i cannot forget the time when I saw the amazing Grand Canyon in Arizona. It was so huge and great. The canyon is the proof that Allah is the best creator in this world. The second is Raja Ampat in West Papua, Indonesia. This group of small beautiful islands was the best tropical islands that i have ever seen. The last is my recent trip to Selangor.

Grand Canyon
Raja Ampat
Petronas Twin Tower

Visiting Malaysia was my long time dream. I really wanted to see the Twin Tower and feel the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur. Last year I planned to go to Malaysia in the new year's eve 2014. So, i started to save my money to get the ball rolling. I was so lucky of being informed by a close friend of mine named Hijrah Saputra about a free trip to Selangor, Malaysia. Thanks to My Selangor Story that has brought me to the country. I had so much fun in my 5 days and 4 nights stay.

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  1. You've been to Grand Canyon and Raja Ampat?! Niceeee! I've been dreaming of going to see Grand Canyon for years...

    1. Alhamdulillah Bang Rusli, I have. But, i want to see the Ka'bah and Masjid Nabawi as you have seen them yourself! You are the true traveller Bang! proud to know you!