Thursday, February 7, 2013

Sepang is not only an F1 Circuit

When I asked about Sepang before, I would definitely answer Sepang is a Formula 1 circuit. In short, Sepang has no other thing but only a circuit. Until last week when I joined My Selangor Story I was astounded that Sepang was not merely a circuit but it had more! It had a luxurious resort named Golden Palm Tree Resort, which this resort was located in a very startegic area, the Strait of Melacca. The villas of the resort were placed on the sea where I can see the water under my floor. 

Villas on the sea
In the front of the resort
the villas's reflection gives me a peacefulness
Sunrise seen from the villa
Delicious food in the resort

I had so much fun during my stay in the resort, from cycling to doing yoga. In the dinner time, i was entertained by various amusements like a drama and a dance performance as well as a refreshing music. Thanks to My Selangor Story to let me realize that Sepang is not all about a circuit but it has more.


  1. Dude, you have been to some nice places!!!
    Wish you all the best, and many more happy experiences like these.
    Tom :-)

    (By the way Bang Beni, my research has officially finished. Lusa aku akan pulang ke Jerman. Thankx also for the travel hints! But we didn't go to Raja Ampat - too expensive, too difficult to reach. However, we had a great and fun time!)

  2. Thanks Bang Tom!
    I hope you can finish your Phd program as expected and get the fastest one finishing it at your university.

    Oh I see, but i am glad that the places you have been to are also as wonderful as Raja Ampat. Have a nice trip dude! I will always miss you! Say hello to your wife from me...

  3. Beni... but KLIA & LCCT are in Sepang too ;-)

    1. Haha..yes they are Bang Rusli. I really did not know that Sepang was a huge area! ;)