Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's my Day

Today was one of the best days I have ever had during my one-month stay in Sydney. I could not imagine before that I had such exciting moments happened in just one day. On this windy day I had been given a special opportunity to have lunch with the top leader of Taronga Zoo, Mr. Cameron Kerr. Having the honorable lunch fortunately was not the only thrilling activity I had for today. There is another one which is also extremely memorable, feeding animals. 

Ok let me just begin from the first awesome story that is my meeting with Mr. Cameron. The meeting actually was not supposed to be held today. Based on my three-week work placement schedule, our meeting will be on November 3. But everything can change quickly even with a super busy person like Mr. Cameron. So, when I got to the zoo, Nikki told me that I would have the chance to eat good food at a ‘first-class’ restaurant a  little bit ahead of the schedule. Of course I was happy of hearing the good news since I was sick and tired of having the same self-made sandwich every day. 

Actually I have promised myself not to tell anyone about my strange-tasted sandwich. But, because of my excitement after having a very good time at the zoo today, I will break my commitment. I have made some experiments of how to make a delicious sandwich. At the first time of my experimentation I put canned-tuna, cheese, and butter into two pieces of bread. But it just lasted for two days before I found out that the canned-tuna was the trouble maker to my ‘special’ meal. So, I made a significant change by erasing the canned-tuna from my ingredients and adding some tomatoes and vegetables. It tasted better but not for everyday of course. 

When Emma, Mr. Cameron’s assistant, took me to a café for the arranged lunch I told her about an important thing, I brought my own lunch from home. Even though I knew that the meal will likely be paid by her or Cameron, but I just wanted to make sure that my pocket was safe. With a smile Emma told me to keep my sandwich in my bag this time.  

While we waited for Cameron to come to the café, I and Emma talked a lot about her recent trip to my hometown in the last July, Tebo. She went to a national park in Tebo called Bukit Tiga Puluh as a representative from Taronga Zoo. Later I knew from her that Taronga provides some money for the conservation works at Bukit Tiga Puluh. I had just known that I and my people are in debt to Taronga for an unknown period of time. 

When our conversation about Bukit Tiga Puluh was about to end, a tall man with gray hair entered the café and walked towards us. That man was the one who we were waiting for. Mr. Cameron shook my hand gently and had a seat right beside me. He told me that he had waited for our meeting since my first day at Taronga. In other words, he told me that I was so important for him so he had to meet me. I think he is right. Mr Cameron was very nice. He talked to me like I was his good old friend. Of course I felt honored to have such warm friendship despite the fact that he was my boss. My big boss actually. 

After the fantastic lunch I came back to work for feeding animals. I went to meet a woman named Rain to do the job. She took me to a deer’s enclosure and we fed the cute deer. One thing that I noticed to be very interesting was that she treated the deer as her little kids. When she entered the enclosure, she called the deer and soon they ran to her. It seemed like they had understood well to one another. I was still a stranger to the deer so I was not so surprised if they sometimes tried to run away from me when I fed them. But it was fine, at least I could be closer to them. When the deer were full, we went to feed other animals, giraffe. Being close to these tall animals for the first time made me feel extremely happy. Thanks to the warm welcome they showed.

Eating good food in a special lunch time with an important person like Mr. Cameron will always be memorable. Feeding animals on the other hand, will become my wonderful story too for my little children in the future. Today was really my day!

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