Thursday, May 5, 2011

7 Strange And Unusual Sports From Around The World

Whilst football and ice hockey might have their crazy moments, they are massively popular, mainstream sports that are loved by millions.
If you’re wanting something a little different, you don’t have to stray too far and the following information details seven of the strangest and most unusual sports from around the world.

1. Chess Boxing

A sport which does exactly as it says on the tin, two participants take to a boxing ring and compete in a standard boxing fight until the round is over.
Once the bell sounds for the end of the round, both fighters exit the ring to participate in a game of chess until the next round begins.
A winner is declared if an opponent is knocked out or check mate is declared in the round breaks.

2. Extreme Ironing

Once the desired number of entrants has been reached, which can vary around the world, the entrants are taken to a somewhat daring location and are given the same number of clothing items to iron, with a winner is declared once an individual completes their stack of clothing.

3. World Nettle Eating Championship

Contestants from around the world gather to participate in this strange stomach turning event, with all participants are placed at tables and giving an exact weight of nettles to consume.
Simple and straightforward, a winner is declared when a participant has devoured the required amount of nettles.

4. Rock-Paper-Scissors

No longer just a game played amongst children, there is now an official World Championship which is held every year.
Hundreds of contestants gather together to play for the coveted Rock-Paper-Scissors crown and a respectable (for the competition) sum of money.

5.  World Boomerang Throwing

Originally started by the Australians in 1988, the sport has rocketed in popularity over the last two decades and is now held annual in different locations around the world.
Contestants are awarded points for the accuracy of their throw, as well as distance and in certain circumstances, the time it takes for the Boomerang returns.

6. Octopush

Also known as underwater hockey, two teams are assembled, each with six players and – wearing snorkels – aim to effectively play an underwater game of hockey, albeit with a heavier puck that doesn’t float.
Unheard of in many countries, Octopush is a particularly popular sport in some parts of the world and it’s oddness mixed with its similarities to regular hockey are said to be responsible for its popularity.

7. Shin Kicking

Although many people are unaware of this sport, it’s in fact a particularly popular event in southern England, featuring in the annual Cotswold Olimpicks and with roots in numerous ancient sports.
Somewhat painfully, the aim of the game is to kick your opponent as hard as you can in the shins, causing them to fall to the floor. Each time this happens, you are awarded a point and the contest – which is held over three rounds – sees the person with the most points gained throughout the bout being declared the winner.

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